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Professional Services

Professional Services is a design and build function for implementation of business requirements powered by technology.

For the new age communications and high tech companies, smooth running networks are the critical deciding factor while aiming for the optimal performance. Information Technology and media have redefined the way companies traditionally carried out their businesses. With Amazon selling everything over internet switching buying from retail shops to internet, Services providers looking to leverage Internet of Everything (IoE) for M2M solutions, ICT cloud computing solutions give competitive edge to these new business paradigms. It is unlikely that companies may find suitably skilled and specialized people in their own existing set up. Hiring these people could be an expensive and difficult affair. Luckily, today’s businesses don’t have to manage all business functions in-house. Nets International professional services brings you customized services for planning, designing, implementation and optimization of ICT solutions for your business needs.

NETS International Professional Services has helped major companies implement solutions by expertise in technology areas of Unified Communications and collaboration, Routing & Switching, Mobility, , cloud computing, broadband business intelligence. . We are implementing the best practices we have learnt over the last 30 years that ensure that projects get completed in time and lead to customer success.

Here are broad category of services being offered under Nets International professional services umbrella:

Planning and Design

Planning and design services consist of the following features:

– Requirements gathering
– Architecture selection
– Low Level Design (Detailed Design Document)

Deployment and Integration

Deployment and Integration services consists of the following features:

– Network Implementation Plan
– Implementation Services
– Integration with customer network and applications
– User Acceptance Testing

Network and Data Migration

These are services requirement for planning, implementation and testing of existing services which are to be migrated if customer site location changes, or existing equipment is end of life or technology shift is happening. The idea is to have minimal impact in business continuity when migrations are done.

The services being provided have the following features:

– Understand customer’s ultimate objective
– Defining the scope of work and migration plan
– Hardware Selection: performing a site audit and readiness (power supply, cooling, floor space and loading, low voltage cabling)
– Validate configurations that are to be deployed
– Install and integrate the solutions
– Test and validate to make your Network Ready For Use (NRFU)
– Risks Mitigation Plan
– Documentation

Migration Services help you to control costs, improve operational excellence, and mitigate risk during device, network, and software refreshes. With a systematic, holistic, efficient approach to upgrading the network infrastructure, you can:

– More effectively budget for network operations costs
– Reduce system outages and support issues with a proactive plan for replacing aging network components
– Accelerate time to revenue through faster deployment and cutover time when migrating
– Reduce operating expenses
– Introduce new capabilities with potentially lower total cost of ownership

The services being provided have the following features:

Network Assessment and Optimization

NETS International Network Assessment and Optimization Services determine your IT and network infrastructure’s compliance to best practices and policies and/or readiness to support a new technology, application, architecture, or solution, so you can:

– Reduce deployment costs and adoption delays
– Reduce network downtime for more reliability and lower support costs
– Increase performance and agility
– Simplify your network and processes
– Make better decisions, faster, with greater network visibility
– Plan and implement network changes sooner
– Speed delivery of new products and services to market
– Improve your team’s knowledge and keep skills up-to-date
– Prepare for new technology adoption
– Reduce risk

The detailed services portfolio shows the list of services including their description, time for delivery and the responsibilities of the customer.

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