Business Challenge

Mobily, an Etihad Etisalat Company is a Saudi Arabian telecommunications services company that offers fixed line, mobile telephony, and Internet services in KSA region. Mobily was looking for a consolidated solution to avoid manual onboarding and offboarding of devices, along with health and performance monitoring. Goal was to reduce critical data center service downtime for major clients such as Netflix, Facebook, YouTube and backtrack specific network link or component that was root- cause of service unavailability.

Business Solution

NETS proposed integration of network inventories from five Mobily Data Centers, Automated Physical and Service Mapping, plus automated configuration management mechanism and standardization of various network design templates. Front-end was a web portal solution for IT administrators that provided better end-to-end visibility of network components, in form of unified dashboards. The solution also provided singular view of device health and other critical data for business continuity.

Business Results

The solution helped reducing 60% of IT operations time and cost, according to the customer. It also helped earning customer trust and loyalty, which eventually opened up new automation use cases for NETS International at Mobily. The unified portal also helped minimizing complexity and streamline ongoing IT Operations by removal of siloed data. User satisfaction also increased within Mobily teams after the successful implementation.

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Ramamurthy Venkatesh