A Comprehensive Pack Of Azure Services From Setup To Migration To Deployment.


How can Nets International Help with Azure cloud services?


  • We comprehend your infrastructure and network architecture with the objective of Azure migration
  • Assessment of your network system also includes the analysis of usage data
  • Based on your existing infrastructure, the nature of your business and new requirements, we identify the Azure hosting services feasible and essential for you and prepare a financial feasibility
  • We optimize performance and costing by deploying the pay-as-you-go Azure resources intelligently
  • We identify the threats and risk associated with the your infrastructure


  • We design the most effective azure cloud migration strategy for your infrastructure with minimum down time and risks.
  • Based on your traffic, technologies used in development, requirements, etc. we recommend the perfect combination of different Azure services like elastic, storage, etc.
  • Depending upon the subscription and package we build the core infrastructure
  • We implement hybrid cloud infrastructure and establish the connectivity between on-premises components and cloud services


  • We can efficiently migrate your existing infrastructure and data from n-premises to Azure cloud services with minimum down time and risks
  • As a part of migration process, we can also effectively decommission the existing on-premises infrastructure after migration


  • We will constantly monitor the data usage and traffic spikes on your Azure servers
  • Our services include the provision of incident reports 24×7
  • Continual backup management and disaster recovery plans and strategy
  • Security and compliance strategies and alerts

AZURE Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular cloud computing platform that offers an excellent set of features and services for businesses to deploy and manage their data and APIs over the cloud. The eccentric Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service allows businesses to build, test, deploy and manage applications over the cloud.
  •         Azure Virtual Machine
  •         Azure Storage
  •         Azure Virtual Network(VNET)
  •         Azure Load Balancer
  •         Network Security Group(Firewall As a Service)
  •         Azure Database
  •         Azure Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  •         Backup as a Service(BaaS)
  •         Disaster Recovery as a Service(DRaaS)
  •         Azure Migration Services



Nets International is among the leading Azure services providers in the Middle East and Africa region. We can magnificently build your infrastructure over the Azure cloud, migrate your existing data, and manage the platform for you.

Do you want to rent virtual machines?

Azure Virtual Machines Microsoft Azure provides Virtual Machines and these VMs are very easily configurable to be made according to the requirements. These VMs can then be used to build and test applications. The Azure Virtual Machines are considered to be cost-effective and feasible because of the pay-as-you-go model of the infrastructure. The integration of the virtual machines over the cloud with the machines on-premises is convenient as well.

Is your business data growing fast and you are looking for scalability?

Azure Cloud Storage Storage of data over the cloud is a perfect way to ensure durability and scalability of data. Azure Cloud storage is scalable and hence, the storage of big data is very convenient. Azure Cloud stores data objects and is highly redundant since it endures hardware failures. All the data stored in the cloud storage is encrypted and makes it super secure.

Do you want your resources and servers to communicate with each other in a secure and efficient method?

Azure Load Balancer The Azure load balancer is the Azure service that distributes the traffic load evenly among the diverse resources. The load balancing works as per the rules and health probes configured. Azure load balancer balances the internal and external load both among the virtual machines within and across diverse zones.

Do you expect fluctuating volumes of traffic on your application?

Azure Load Balancer delivers high availability and network performance to your applications. Technically, it is a Layer 4 (Transport Level-TCP, UDP) load balancer that distributes incoming traffic among healthy instances of services defined in a load-balanced set.

Do you want to keep your data and network system protected from unauthorized access?

Azure Firewall as a Service Azure offers a highly secure and robust network security service that makes the completely virtual network secure from cyberattacks and other unauthorized threats. The scalability and availability of this service as equivalent to other services of Azure Cloud and it is a fully stateful firewall service. All the traffic that is passed to the system is controlled and monitored by the firewall service.

Do you want your database to be hosted at the cloud with complete security and efficiency?

Azure Database as a Service Azure provides a friendly and easy-to-manage platform to manage databases. If your database is developed on the SQL relationship model, then you can use the SQL Database as a Service of Azure. Similarly, if your database is developed on the NoSQL relationship model, then the Azure Cosmos DB is the perfect service for you. The service plans offered by Azure are outstanding and highly flexible. The migration tools of Azure DB as a Service are convenient as well.

Is your system accessed by many people with different roles and you need to control their accesses?

Azure Identity and Access Management The Azure identity and Access Management service is a reliable service that protects the cloud environment from unauthorized activities and it also makes it very easy for the managers to assign different roles and permissions to different users of the cloud computing environment. Azure offers role-based access control and this makes the control convenient and more organized.

Do you want to play safe by keeping backup of all the data?

Azure Backup as a Service The Azure Backup as a Service takes frequent backups of your data in a simple and secure manner. The backup of data is extremely important and can save from unwanted hassle in case of any accident or cyberattack. The Backup as a Service works flawlessly with the servers and virtual machines of Azure. Besides being useful, the Azure Backup as a Service is even more cost-effective as compared to other backup activities.

AZURE Disaster Recovery As A Service


Are you concerned about the recovery of your data in case of an unsolicited event that might affect your data?

Azure Disaster Recovery as a Service Azure Disaster Recovery as a Service is a fantastic service that minimizes the damage caused in case of an unauthorized breach or cyberattack or an accident. The objective is to keep your apps running up for your users and insignificant down-time and outages. This service covers the on-premises servers plus the virtual machines over the cloud. Stay prepared for the worst scenario by Azure Disaster Recovery.

AZURE Migration Services

Are you planning to migrate your Databases and APIs from on-premises infrastructure to Azure Cloud Computing?
Azure Migration Services The Azure Migration Services provides the perfect platform for users to migrate their infrastructure and network systems from their premises to the Azure Cloud. One of the most significant steps before the migration is the assessment of the infrastructure. Moreover, there are multiple migration tools used by engineers to automate the migration. These software include Cloudamize, Corbonate, Device 42, etc. Azure Migration Services is completely compatible with these software.

AZURE Kubernetes Services


Do you have the process to maintain docker containers and deploy container-based applications?

Azure Kubernetes Services Azure Kubernetes Services ensures robust application development, scaling and deployment with incredible agility and expediency. The maintenance and operations of containers with the feasible options to scale and upgrade resources is provided by Azure through the managed Kubernetes cluster. The speed of application development and agility is enhanced with the use of Kubernetes services. The services also provision for security and compliance processes.

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