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Nets International Steers The Digital Revolution With Enterprise Applications Integration

Organizations with multiple departments, diverse processes and several individuals need to have enterprise applications developed and integrated with their existing systems and enterprise software. Nets International works in collaboration with the leading enterprise software development companies in order to make enterprise processes smooth and secure.

Nets International has a strong focus on business outcomes while managing the technology aspect of your business. While making the processes, infrastructure, network and applications secure and optimized, we also keep in mind the business outcomes that are very significant for the survival of the business as well.

The cutting-edge modernization in the field of information technology that business leaders should keep an eye on
  • Cloud Computing is one of the recommended option for enterprise server deployment since this model works on pay-as-you-go basis, while on-premises server environment can be expensive due to the prices of software upgrade
  • Mobile applications and access of technologies through the mobile device is highly convenient and the business processes and organization operations are fast-tracked with mobile based enterprise software.
  • User experience is extremely significant and has a strong impact on the business outcome. Retaining the application users isn’t possible without a rich user experience
  • The acceptance of Platform-as-a-Service is increasing rapidly and it is considered to be a better choice than customized enterprise applications development.
  • Elastic cloud computing & load balancing, cloud storage and data analytics can make your business data infrastructure highly swift and secure with increased chances of business growth.
The cutting-edge modernization in the field of information technology that business leaders should keep an eye on

Enterprise Software Solutions

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the most sophisticated enterprise automation technology that uses artificial intelligence and bots to intelligently execute actions to complete tasks that in the traditional flow of working involve human intervention to be executed. Robotic process automation even surpasses the traditional automation tools and enterprise software because by this technology, the enterprise software developer even doesn’t need to create a list of actions, instead the technology identifies those actions by watching the software developer’s action and repeating those intelligently.

Robotic Process Automation is very cost-effective because it reduces operational costs significantly. The accuracy and quality of the tasks done using this enterprise technology is outstanding. Consistency is very important in enterprise software development, and by decreasing human intervention and implementing software automation, consistency is ensured.

Nets International works with SkillOrbit as a partner and we are committed to modernize the digital world with the implementation of enterprise software robotics.

Network Automation

Resolve is one of the leading IT operations automation platforms and businesses all over the globe are successfully automating their simple and complex tasks with this technology. Resolve remarkably makes highly complex and compound actions and tasks very easily executed without any human intervention and save businesses from surplus efforts.

Resolve IT Automation platform

The compatibility of Resolve is outstanding and the tool can be conveniently integrated with all the enterprise software solutions and technologies implemented on your existing information technology infrastructure.

Resolve platform

The perfect brilliant automation tool is created by Resolve as a result of combining the benefits and features of AIOps and the advanced information technology automation tools.

Resolve platform

The integration of Resolve automation tools with other applications, enterprise software solutions and networking technologies can be done via REST APIs, SOAP, TCP, SSH, and other protocols. The expediency of integration of resolve with other platforms is unparalleled.

  • Automate the simplest task to the most complex process
  • Realise better ROI, saving millions while improving ITOps efficiency.
  • Reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR)
  • Predict and prevent outages
  • Reduce alarm noise
  • Gain real-time visibility into dynamic, changing infrastructure
  • Scale automation seamlessly now & in the future

Customer Data Platform

Tealium is one of the most prominent and foremost platforms that allow businesses to manage their customer data efficiently by orchestrating the data on a real-time basis. The well-known brands that use Tealium to organize their customer data include Orange, Domino’s, IBM, Gap Inc., Cambia Health, TUI, Rakuten, Sportsbet, Network 10, etc.

Tealium Universal Data Hub

This is a comprehensive service that allows businesses to orchestrate customer data in real-time. With the Tealium universal data hub, the digital marketing resources of businesses can effectively run a highly consistent customer experience through diverse channels. click here.

Tealium IQ Tag Management

Tealium iQ tag management is one of the foremost tag enterprise management software services that successfully makes customer data management and control highly efficient and convenient. The robust deployment and the management of vendor tags with the help of manifold vendor integrations empower your marketing team with the process. click here.

Tealium AudienceStream

Restructure and simplify your complete customer data into a single consolidated streamlined channel with the help of Tealium AudienceStream. Amazingly precise accuracy and comprehension are achieved through the ground-breaking visitor stitching technology. click here.

Digital Commerce Platform

Magento Commerce is now an Adobe company.  Magento is one of the leading e-commerce platforms that possess the most innovative and contemporary features and options that give businesses and individuals an extraordinary online shopping experience.

Magento Enterprise Websites developed on top of Magento give extremely pioneering options to business owners so they could avail all the potentials of online selling. At the same time, the features available for online shoppers are unparalleled.

Magento With the exclusive and extraordinary online shopping experience offered by Magento, the outcome can only be nothing else than higher sales.

Magento Marketplace -part of Adobe Experience cloud

Magento ecommerce, is the first major open-source platform for commerce, which has given all merchants and retailers with unprecedented flexibility and choice to be creative, innovative, and to go to market in highly differentiated ways.

  • The ability for the webmasters to update the content over the Magento based website is tremendously versatile
  • Magento is completely mobile-friendly. This means that the developers building the website on Magento can easily implement the libraries and queries to make their online stores mobile responsive.
  • If you have multiple online stores, and you want to manage all the stores from the same console, then Magento is for you.
  • Magento can be easily configured and integrated with other third-party tools.