Nets International is recognized for offering dexterous information technology and network security solutions with the objective to cater the diverse technology needs

The need for information security has amplified radically in the last decades in all the sectors of businesses throughout the world with the inception of IoT and SaaS platforms and technologies. With a team of proficient and highly technical security professionals, Nets International fulfills the cybersecurity and information assurance requirements of every client organization.

We have a firm emphasis and commitment on process improvements of the information and data processes and systems. Our endeavors include the aspiration to deliver the finest experience to each client organization through evaluation of procedural improvements and other measures.

Our information and network security services include:
  • Computer forensics
  • Anti-phishing services and counter-measures
  • Measures to repel social engineering attacks
  • Measures to repel social engineering attacks
  • Intrusion detection
  • Network and information security defense
  • Information and network security training
  • Information and network security analysis
  • Penetration testing
  • Mitigation support
  • Cyber threats assessment and intelligence
  • Vulnerability analysis

Business Benefits

  • Gain the confidence and trust of your clients by eliminating odds of security breach of their information and data
  • Risk mitigation with network security solutions
  • Protection of the organizationsince data and information vulnerability can be disastrous
  • Your employees can work in a morehi-tech secure and protected environment
  • Productivity boost since network and security complications can impact the output


Network Security

Nets International comprises highly skilled professionals who are trained and educated to execute all the measures and practices that can make your IT infrastructure greatly secure and safe. We can create a secure network firewall for your infrastructure.


Cyber Security Solutions – Skybox

The cyber security management Skybox protects the infrastructure and minimizes the risk of unauthorized breach. It is a well-known name for analytics-driven cybersecurity automation solutions.


Cyber Security Solutions – Vectra

Vectra Cognito platform is an intelligent, AI-driven threat detection and response for cloud, SaaS, and on-prem footprints


Cyber Security Solutions – Darktrace

Darktrace is an intelligent system that can essentially detect all possible threats and risks pertaining to security of the system immediately as they originate.

Identity & Access Management

Nets International helps you to preserve the comprehensive identity lifecycle of devices and users of your organization in the most confident and contemporary way with the Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions.

We understand that the security of identities has a strong impact on the security of the business. Hence, we implement a zero trust approach for access security. We implement a discipline that will enable you to manage customer and employee identities upon chain of accesses.

  • Provide secured access
  • Fully mature ITIL processes
  • Single point of contact (SPOC) for escalations

Incidence Response & Management

As a leading information and network security solutions provider, Nets International formulates a sophisticated and all-inclusive incident response and management approach, strategy and plan for all the client organizations. The objective is to be always stay equipped to handle the situation of a cyberattack or security breach and to protect the integrity, information and data of your business.

In the circumstances of an attack or security breach, we have the strategy to rapidly discover the attack and to follow the procedures to eliminate the attacker’s access and presence, containing the damage and eventually restoring the network systems without any compromise.

The procedures of incident response and management approach involve the following steps:

  • Preparation with a robust strategy and plan to combat the potential situation
  • Detection and reporting immediately
  • Triage and analysis of the severity of the security breach and attack
  • Containment of damage and neutralization of the system
  • Post incident activities like reporting, monitoring and intelligence feeds.

Threat Intelligence

Our refined threat intelligence services comprise a strategic and sophisticated approach, involving the swift and uninterrupted collection of data and analysis of a cyberattack or a security breach. This data information knowledge is converted to intelligence that is the perfect weapon to combat the brutality of the cyberattack.

We collect the data connected with the attack and analyze the behavior and motives of the incident. Based on the analysis and intelligence, the correct proactive countermeasures are applied with the quickest response time. By finding a pattern in the attacked and breached areas, we perceptively predict and contain the damage of the incident.

Our threat intelligence phases can be outlined as:

  • Direction and setting the goals and objectives of the threat intelligence plan
  • Collection and gathering of the data and information to be used for intelligence
  • Processing the raw data into information and then knowledge.
  • Analysis of the knowledge and extracting the juice out of it to be used as intelligence to make important decisions
  • Dissemination and implementation of the intelligence measures on the network system
  • Collection of the feedback of all the stakeholders