Hybrid Cloud Strategy: Why is it the right choice?

Agility and business continuity are top two priorities for all business today. This is more pronounced and accentuated in these times of lockdowns and work from home trends. Growing trends in hybrid cloud adoption is a clear indicator of CIO priorities. Well, it is not as simple as mentioned to move to cloud.

Business managers need to clearly align their business strategy and cloud strategy, before embarking on operational details of cloud options.

Why to go hybrid cloud?

Increased data speeds – hybrid networks can be configured to push essential data through private servers instead of public ones, greatly improving load times and data transfer speeds.

Improved security – Sensitive data can be secured on private servers with many layers of encryption that can only be accessed in house, whilst non-sensitive and publicly-accessible data and applications can be accessed through a public server.

Decreased spending – Utilising the public cloud for applications that don’t require security is likely to be more economical in the long run.

Microsoft tech community is one of the earliest proponent of hybrid cloud as a blend of on-premises (private) cloud and off-premises (public) cloud. This hybrid approach is allows better orchestration of both the cloud environments. Need based workload mobilization based on business needs at reduced cost and increased flexibility are the key drivers of hybrid cloud deployment.

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