Telecommunications Enters the New Decade!!!

Telco’s are overwhelmed by complex, aging systems and technical debt. Telco’s are managing massive and complicated tech portfolios of aging facilities, infrastructures, apps, and services. Technical debt is serious: Software has collected over decades with outdated middleware connecting poorly apps written in legacy coding languages. With the technology available today, like machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT and automation tools, it seems that turning the corner and embrace a fully digitalized ecosystem of operations is closer than ever.

Status of the Network Inventory Today

The client network infrastructures including IP/MPLS network, IP edge, IP Core, International Gateways, Servers and Storage, security devices are multi-vendor, spread across multiple sites, and ….. There are multiple element management systems in place or monitoring on per vendor basis, multi-vendor systems as well, some legacy systems. Different systems have been warranty dates, some are end of life and some are coming to end of life soon with vendors chasing to renew warranties and support. It is a nightmare to collect inventory details including hardware, software versions, board details, utilization from different platforms. You will find excel sheets everywhere and changes are required often due to existing and planned requirements.

There is a need for inventory management system that can on high level do the following expected.

Overcoming IT challenges with Automation + AI Ops

  • Reduce resource downtime
  • Improve Operational productivity
  • Mitigate vulnerabilities and risks
  • Optimize resources and skills
  • Control complexity
  • Foster innovation

What lies ahead in automation for telcos?

Even though with heavy discussions that automation is well documented, research shows that we still have a long way to go regarding infrastructure automation. Nonetheless, the telecom industry largely relies on, as well as drives, innovation across all sectors. As Artificial Intelligence, RPA and Internet of Things applications and devices become more available, the possibilities of achieving infrastructure automation gain ground among operators.
With the arrival of the fifth generation of mobile telecommunication, the leap will be greater than ever before: demand for seamless connectivity that’s higher than ever, increased competition and real, tangible technological advances make automation for the telecom industry mandatory and a feasible path to achieve full digital transformation.

That’s why NETS has come out a clear vision and way forward for automation possibilities by telcos!

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Nashra Ishaq