Managed Cloud Services


Managing and monitoring infrastructure and networks over the cloud requires specialized experience. Businesses now have started to outsource this task to expert managed services providers so those businesses could focus better on their actual dedicated tasks and leave the server management to the experts. Managed Cloud services providers and cloud management platforms make it convenient for business managers to have their servers managed in a much simpler and flexible way.

Nets International is a renowned name when it comes to managed cloud services. We have a team of proficient experts who can efficiently perform all the installations, configurations and deployments that are connected with the management of cloud computing services. With the experience of several years and the knowledge gained in those years, we can optimize your cloud servers to deliver utmost performance and efficiency and at the same time, we execute all the steps and procedures that will make your data exceptionally secure. We will avail all the relevant features and services of your Infrastructure as a Service that can improve your processes.

We Manage Your Applications 

We will make all the required deployments and configurations to ensure that your applications perform smoothly for your users and remain secure from cyberattacks as well. The APIs and database of your applications will be hosted on your server and will connect those with your applications.

We Manage Your Database

We create and maintain your database over the cloud computing servers for you. We have the expertise to work on relationship databases and NoSQL databases and all the configurations are done accordingly. Optimization of the database and building stored procedures for efficiency is also a service we provide.

We Manage Your Storage Accounts

Cloud computing platforms like Azure, AWS, etc. offer cloud storage services and these services require management. These storage features are often object-based. We perform all the activities to maintain your storage capacities and if required, balancing the load of the storage.

We Manage Your Network Services

We have the core competencies to build a secure and robust network system, and then manage that network system. We understand security and optimization are two important factors of any network system.

We Optimize Cloud Infrastructure

There are various services and features offered by Cloud Computing providers and using the right set of services as per the requirements and nature of your business and infrastructure to ensure the smooth performance and efficiency of your data is something we excel in. We follow the comprehensive procedures and processes that will optimize your infrastructure and lead to advanced performance with least cost.

Service Features

  • 24×7 proactive monitoring and management
  • Swift access to highly skilled technicians and resources
  • Predictable monthly services cost
  • Fully mature ITIL processes
  • Single point of contact (SPOC) for escalations
  • Per Ticket/Fixed No of Tickets/Flexible Tickets models

Service Levels

Service Packages

Why Use Cloud Management Platforms?

It is an innovative and finest option to allow managed service providers to deploy and configure the servers instead of possessing such super-technical tasks yourself. Cloud management platforms have turned out to be the perfect platforms that make all the processes, tasks and procedures involved in the cloud computing infrastructure very simple. These tasks include management of the micro-services, containers, etc. Moreover, the monitoring and tracking of the cloud data is also executed by the cloud management platforms.

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