Managed Services : It matters!

Managed Services or Managed IT services as a revenue stream is integral to every IT services provider and systems integrators. Reason is straight forward. All businesses in every industry has become highly IT dependent and managing business processes and functions to make operations more efficient and at the same time optimizing costs.  So every IT manager or CIO expect a managed service provider (MSP) to enable primary  business functions and increasing their productivity.

These trends have mandated MSPs to continually monitor, maintain or manage, improve, support, resolve and report on business operations, ensuring they meet all industry regulations and market needs at all times.

Cloud managed services are helping businesses scale faster. But to match their changing needs, the managed IT service providers are seeing a paradigm shift in their technologies and processes too.

Its clear from the above that a managed service provider doesnt just help at technology adoption. They also help in controlling the ongoing expenditure, along with reducing the risks of adopting new technology. While the market is already seeing an increase in the capital expenditure for cloud and managed IT services by businesses, the industry by itself is evolving.

That’s why NETS has come out with a comprehensive yet cost effective packages for managed services offerings that MATTERS the most!

Key findings of the Cisco Global Cloud Index (2016-2021)report include:

  • It is expected that global cloud data center IP traffic will reach 19.5 zettabytes .
  • Cloud data center traffic will represent 95 percent of total data center traffic globally.
  • Cloud data centers will be processing 94 percent of all workloads and compute instances while traditional data centers will process only 6 percent.
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) workloads and compute instances will constitute 75 percent of the total cloud workloads and compute instances.

Managed Services

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