Managed IT services consist of outsourcing the coordination of anything IT-related, from office hardware maintenance to network security needs and cloud storage and computing services

Why Managing IT And Digital Assets matters?

  •         The performance and output of IT resources is enhanced
  •         The costs of IT operations is reduced significantly
  •         Scaling up and down the infrastructure is convenient

Business Benefits of Nets Managed Services

  •         24×7 proactive monitoring and management
  •         Swift access to highly skilled technicians and resources
  •         Predictable monthly services cost
  •         Fully mature ITIL processes
  •         Single point of contact (SPOC) for escalations


Nets International offers high quality and reliable managed services. These managed services could be bifurcated into three groups.

  • Managed IT Services
  • Managed Cloud Services
  • Managed Security Services

Managed IT Services


For Enterprises (NOC support)

  •  End to End Network Support
  •  24x7x365 Support (Options: Tickets based, fixed tickets per month)
  •   Proactive and/or Reactive Customer Support
  •  On-Site Support for Critical Outages

For Vendors/ OEMs

As a managed service provider, Nets International offers First Level (L1) and Second Level (L2) support to equipment manufacturers and vendors. The Nets International support team will be available to cater the queries and concerns of the manufacturers and vendors via email and telephone from 9 to 5 on business days. On-Site engineer’s availability will be on-need.

  •         Real-time network monitoring
  •         Physical and virtual server monitoring
  •         Multi-level thresholds

Moreover, the Nets International’s support include technical support services for diverse technologies like unified communications and collaboration, network appliances, routing and switching, etc.

Sometimes, the issues faced by the customers are of such nature that trying to resolve over the call or email can be very tricky or difficult. If the customers facing such issues are in the Middle East, then Nets International can provide on-site support services with a service level agreement of 4 hours.

Service Packages


Leaving the management of your business network operations and information technology needs to specialized managed NOC services providers is a very rational move. With a vast experience and knowledge of the field, we understand the different requirements and scenarios of different infrastructure models and we can stay completely updated with the rapidly evolving technologies.

Nets International has devised four different packages for comprehensive managed services of information technology and infrastructure. As a business, you can choose the appropriate package keeping your business infrastructure in view.

Please check out our managed services packages:

Managed Security Services


Cisco Umbrella Security


Keep Your Users Protected From Cyber Threats And Unauthorized Intervention

The malicious malware and infections are identified and blocked by the Cisco Umbrella security before the internet is connected with the system and in this keeps your system safeguarded at the most initial stage. The security offered by Cisco Umbrella is extremely simple.

Cisco Umbrella Security offers 3 packages:

  •         Professional package (ideal for SMEs)
  •         Insights package (ideal for mid-sized companies)
  •         Platform package (best for advanced security needs)

The first package, Professional Package includes the protection of users against malware, ransomware and phishing threats. This protection is offered on every location whether it is on or off the business site. The malicious activities are stopped at the DNS-layer by blocking such domain requests and IP responses on any protocol or port.

The Insights Package takes the protection to the IP layer and gives you the option to block IP connections. It also allows you to compare local and global activities and in this way, you can identify targeted cyberattacks. The Insights package also helps in identifying shady and risky applications and even blocking those applications.

The Platform Package makes the protection multiple times stronger by providing the option to integrate APIs of 10+ security provers. These security providers include FireEye, Splunk, Anomali, etc.

CISCO Web & Email Security


CISCO’s Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) protects computer systems from software viruses, adware, Trojans, worms and ransomware. Advanced malware has powerful features to avoid detection and illicitly penetrate into a system. Protection from such malware is extremely important because such a security breach can even dismantle an entire IT infrastructure or can bring the productivity and operations to a temporary standstill.

Setting up granular web use policies over the infrastructure and applications through CISCO managed security services can make your infrastructure sheltered.

Added protection from phishing and other email threats by controlling the access of to your websites and applications.

CISCO with its enhanced and sophisticated technologies has taken cybersecurity and protection to the next level. CISCO offers one of the most reliable sets of products and services that can cover your complete infrastructure and network system. The zero-trust defiance and matchless analytic intelligence, CISCO’s analytics prove to be the best in the market.

CISCO Meraki Wireless Service


Exceptional and robust cloud managed services IT solutions with CISCO

CISCO Meraki comprises sophisticated and hi-tech IT security hardware and software, and enterprise mobility management products like security appliances, Access points, switches, wireless, security camera, etc. All the products of CISCO Meraki are controllable from the cloud. Starting as a cloud managed services provider and access point solution, CISCO Meraki today even offers solutions for WAN and IoT.

The brilliant and innovative wireless access points of CISCO Meraki give a powerful boost to the performance of the network system. With the super elastic scalability and simplified troubleshooting, CISCO Meraki has proved to be the perfect selection for enterprise network systems.

Data-driven organizations are able to make intelligent business decisions when Meraki is used for network security. Meraki offers the perfect combination of managed cloud IT solutions that ensure increased productivity, security and cost effectiveness. CISCO Meraki protects your infrastructure and data from cyber threats.

CISCO WebEX Conferencing


Benefits of CISCO WebEx Conferencing solution 

  • CISCO WebEx makes online communication and meeting highly productive, convenient and faster.
  • For faster decision making, hop on a WebEx conference with all the stakeholders and conclude
  • WebEx improves the collaboration and coordination between teams
  • It supports engagements with industry specialists
  • The HD Video conferencing feature of WebEx gives a magnificent experience to the meeting attendees
  • WebEx has native and compatible applications for all the platforms, from Windows Desktop to iOS and Android mobile applications

CISCO makes online meetings highly productive, convenient and secure with the WebEx Conferencing application.

  •         Deliver presentations & Sales meetings
  •         Give Product Demos product demos
  •         Make Product announcements & solutions
  •         Conduct review meetings
  •         Facilitate Training sessions
  •         Provide Online Customer support


Managed Cloud Services


Recent reports from Gartner suggests that by 2022 more than 70-75% of dataflow would be on the cloud – be it private, public or hybrid cloud. So, enterprises world-wide are rapidly shifting towards cloud-powered IT resources and managing them by outsourced Managed Cloud Services providers.

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