Microsoft Infrastructure Services


While cloud is the way to go, for many other reasons,  on-premise infrastructure need to be maintained to keep business data and applications secure. This also gives business firms opportunity to retain complete control of their IT environment. Microsoft on-premise IT infrastructure including Windows Servers, SQL Servers are continuing to evolve  supported by Microsoft System Centre capabilities.

NETS expert team can make things easier by quick deployment and consolidation of your Microsoft infrastructure and enable you continuously modernizing your on-premise digital assets.

  • Installing, configuring and managing MS Windows Server 2012, 2016 and 2019
  • Installing, Configuring and Administering Active Directory Domain Services – Single Forest, MultiForest, AD Consolidation
  • Implementing MS Advanced Network Services, Advanced File Services, NLB, Failover Cluster and Disaster Recovery
  • Implementing System Center
  • Implementing Microsoft Office 365,  Exchange Online, Sharepoint
  • Implementing Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Servers and Databases

  • Build and update latest on-premises Microsoft server environments with additional layers of security
  • Evolve your existing datacenter infrastructure to achieve greater efficiency and security
  • Enable the creation of cloud-native apps and SQL server databases

Microsoft AD and Network Services

  • Centralized resources and security administration
  • Single logon for access to global resources
  • Simplified resource location.

Microsoft Applications

  • Installing and upkeeping all Microsoft applications – Office 365, Exchange, Sharepoint
  • Manage all applications as a single window option without much disruption to any other real time workloads.

Microsoft System Centre

  • Get full insights you need with workload and infrastructure monitoring
  • Reduce complexity with infrastructure provisioning
  • Increase efficiency with automated processes and self service

Helping your businges get most out of Microsoft Windows Server infrastructure 

NETS expert team can help you bridging on-premise environments with Azure services enabling hybrid scenarios and maximising existing investments.

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