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Driving digital transformation and getting more with less: How UAE is setting hybrid cloud trends

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 Date: 09 November 2020 Monday

Time: 1200 Hrs UAE (GST)

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Hello Participant,

Businesses of all sizes including yours are growing with incredible amounts of data and applications. Multi cloud deployments and managing them have become  the central to IT strategy.  Join this panel discussion of cloud experts for an interactive session to know more.

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  • What are the recent cloud adoption trends that are ushering UAE in the forefront of digital innovation?
  • Why business enterprises and retail groups are using cloud technologies to unlock hyper-personalised experiences for their customers?
  • How hybrid cloud technologies the best choice – data lakes, artificial intelligence, digital twins and much more?
  • Regional Cloud data centres in Middle East – What’s on post-covid?
[cz_title title_pos=”cz_title_pos_center” bline=”cz_line_after_title” id=”cz_16640″ sk_lines=”background-color:#fffffe;width:20px;height:3px;top:-15px;”]Sulava is a pioneer in the Microsoft cloud revolution. Sulava was established in 2010 in Helsinki, Finland, and is one of the leading Microsoft cloud partners in the world. Sulava is not only focusing on technology, but also on how new technologies can change how people work and be much more efficient in their daily work.  Sulava expanded its operation to UAE in 2019, and has already moved over 100 000 users to Microsoft Teams, and helped the enablement of remote working in UAE organizations.[/cz_title]
[cz_title title_pos=”cz_title_pos_center” bline=”cz_line_after_title” id=”cz_67223″ sk_lines=”background-color:#fffffe;width:20px;height:3px;top:-15px;”]Part of the webinar participation, Sulava is offering a free consultancy session for your organization for the topic of your choice. For consultations, select any topic of your choice.

  • Azure cloud services for your workplace,
  • Microsoft E5 security.
  • Zero Trust Security model
  • or how to enable the Modern Workplace for your own workforce.



Seppo Kuusinen

Account Director, Sulava Gulf

Seppo will moderate this session. He is driving Sulava’s business in Middle East with a passion to deliver Microsoft cloud offerings that will add to the rapidly changing business requirements.

Panel Expert

Kimmo Bergius,

CTO, Sulava Oy, Finland

Kimmo is leading the technology team of Sulava to promote a new kind of work culture, which are at the core of efficient exploitation of cloud computing and social technologies.

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Panel Expert

Dr Ramamurthy Venkatesh
Business Head, NETS International

Venkatesh is leading NETS Internationals’ system integration ambitions in UAE to plan, build, support and manage digital infrastructure, cloud and cyber security needs of both enterprise and SME clients for better productivity yet with lower TCO.

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Panel Expert

Ravi Mahalingam

CEO, NTT Data Middle East

Ravi is heading the Middle East operations of NTT DATA, which is focussed to offering best-in-class consulting services and enterprise solutions for diverse industries.  NTT Data team is accelerating cloud innovation and application migration solutions.

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