Why Fiber Reach to every Home?

Significantly last 2 years (2020 & 2021) have been as challenging as they have been disruptive, life has been altered dramatically and significance of staying always connected restated spectacularly. The new user cases like work-from-home, on-line education, tele-medicine, surging video consumption, 5G transition, cloud computing, smart cities and many more, all these points towards one thing: seamless connectivity is now non-negotiable and the answer is Fiber to the X (FTTx) and required higher bspeedandwidth .

FTTx and Importance of Planning

What is FTTx? The x in FTTx represents many objects such as H-Home, C-Curb, B-Building, O-Office, P-Premises, M-Mobile, T-Tower etc. and network is spread from Central Office to each customer either thru direct fiber or PON splitter. FTTx Planning made easy!

The use of various applications/tools such as Arc-GIS, Q-GIS, Auto-Cad, NE, and other FTTH Planning Software solutions/platforms helps planner & designers to work more efficiently, resulting accurate optimized network build plan and create consolidated-scalable-customizable solution for the entire Network Lifecycle and fast rollout with pre-defined workflows for reporting and managing fiber networks.

The three main Network planning objectives are set to be;

• Speed (Automation tools)
• Accuracy (System generated auto-designs)
• Cost (Material and Project Timelines)

Why Remote Planning? The study and anlaysis indicates that remote planning has many advantage on traditional working, few of which are listed as below:

• Flexibility on working hours
• Availability 24×7 (different time zones)
• Reliability secure data – (cloud computing)
• Lower Operational & Admin cost (40% less)
• Effective control mechanism (multiple QC layers)
• Global Experience & Knowledge sharing, exceeding client expectations
• Higher productivity ratio
• Accelerated network deployment due to accuracy of design and minimum survey/validation by ground teams
• Use of new techniques over traditional approach, such as Micro-duct, Blown Fiber techniques etc

There are many modern tools and best practices for FTTx Planning!

Remote FTTx Planning As a Service

Various Companies offering Remote FTTx Planning as Service with different approach and models. Some of the more popular ones are:

• Remote Planner Resource Supply Services Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis
• Planning & Design Services Per Home Pass Basis
• Planning & Design Services Project Based (Min 1000 Home Pass)
• Site Survey (on ground) Per Home Pass Basis
• Planning, Design & Implementation Project Based (Min 1000 Home Pass)

The remote planning is recently the most commonly used strategy adopted by the newl telco operators and low-mid level ISP providers to optimizre their planning cost at minimum operational risk and maintain high profitability.

Are there any standard set for Remote Planning? Not really, but are very essential!!

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