Access Networks

Sophisticated Access Network Solutions For Residential And Commercial Avenues

Although Nets International is famed for high quality enterprise information technology solutions providers, however, we also excel in access network technologies and solutions. We have been partners of the telecommunication companies in the United Arab Emirates since 2013. We have exceptional expertise in FTTH technology solutions.

Nets International is a partner of both the UAE Telecom giants, i.e. Etisalat and DU. Our services to these include the planning, designing and development of GPON based fiber optic networks throughout residential and commercial communities.

GPON/FTTH Access Network Services

GPON/FTTH Access Network Services

Civil Survey Phase
  • Conduct Survey as per design
  • Verify corridor ( RCL, ROW)
  • Verify HH/MM locations
  • Observation of future obstacles
  • Availability of required tools and material

Civil Execute Phase
  • Arrange all required NOCs
  • Trenching with safety environment
  • Laying of ducts
  • HDD/NDRC if any
  • Backfilling
  • Construction of HH/MM

Cable Survey Phase
  • Conduct Survey as per design
  • Verify Rout Plan
  • Verify Duct space Record (DSR)
  • Verify Allocated fibres availability
  • Observation of future obstacles
  • Availability of required tools and material

Cable Execute Phase
  • Testing Fibres before laying
  • Materials delivery at site
  • Roding , Roping and Cleaning
  • Cable laying using standard tools
  • Marking label at desired locations

Cable Splicing &
Termination Phase
  • Provide safety environment before starting execution
  • Splicing at joint locations using splice van
  • Splicing / termination at FDH/MDF/ODF/IDF point
  • Testing & Patching

Access Network Project References

Etisalat, UAE

  • We can install and configure Microsoft Windows Server based environment at your office premises and implement the state-of-the-art security mechanisms
  • Development of robust and complex applications that could be integrated with SQL Server and other Microsoft based server tools.
  • We will optimize the performance of your existed Microsoft based servers and enhance their security with the help of innovative processes and software

Expo 2020 Projects, UAE

  • Design and installation support to Cisco AS for 4000 Wi-Fi Aps
  • Indoor and outdoor cabling for key buildings, metro stations


  • As a subcontractor for ISP and OSP works

Empower with Avenceon, UAE

  • Civil Works, Cable Laying, splicing, Terminations, cable Tray work at 80+ Sites

Alcatel (now NOKIA) for du GPON , UAE

  • As a subcontractor for ISP and OSP works

Wi-Fi Network Deployment, UAE & Pakistan

  • ADEC Abu Dhabi through Partner
  • Wi-Fi network deployment in Parks, Recreation areas and public places through partner

Huawei (du Telecom), UAE

  • ISP Network deployment and service Migration from Copper to Fiber Migration

Defense Housing Authority Triple Play Network, Pakistan

  • Deployment of FTTC Triple Play Network for 15,000+ users for both Active and Passive Network

Cisco (SNFN for Mobily), KSA

  • Long Haul Audit for 20,000KM+ Saudi Fixed National Network including as-built, marking and preventative maintenance