Automation & Digitalization

Nets International Steers The Digital Revolution With Automation of Enterprise Applications & Processes

Organizations with multiple departments, diverse processes and several individuals need to have enterprise applications developed and integrated with their existing systems and enterprise software. Nets International works in collaboration with the leading enterprise software development companies in order to make enterprise processes smooth and secure.

Nets International has a strong focus on business outcomes while managing the technology aspect of your business. While making the processes, infrastructure, network and applications secure and optimized, we also keep in mind the business outcomes that are very significant for the survival of the business as well.

Drivers for automation and digitalization towards cutting-edge IT modernization
  • Cloud Computing is one of the recommended option for enterprise server deployment since this model works on pay-as-you-go basis, while on-premises server environment can be expensive due to the prices of software upgrade
  • Mobile applications and access of technologies through the mobile device is highly convenient and the business processes and organization operations are fast-tracked with mobile based enterprise software.
  • User experience is extremely significant and has a strong impact on the business outcome. Retaining the application users isn’t possible without a rich user experience
  • The acceptance of Platform-as-a-Service is increasing rapidly and it is considered to be a better choice than customized enterprise applications development.
  • Elastic cloud computing & load balancing, cloud storage and data analytics can make your business data infrastructure highly swift and secure with increased chances of business growth.
The cutting-edge modernization in the field of information technology that business leaders should keep an eye on

Automation & Digitalization Services

Network Automation

Drive automated configuration, change, and security compliance across your enterprise network.

Automation means different to everyone. Network automation in particular applies to the automation of network processes such as change management, configuration management, device discovery and inventory, device provisioning, etc. These processes are mostly manual, and conversely error-prone and time-consuming. Automating them helps enterprises save time, reduces errors, lower operating expenses, and improve network efficiency.

The evolving digital landscape requires businesses to shift gears and embrace agility, something that the DevOps (development and operations teams) have done already. Networks, however, are traditionally known to be slow and unresponsive. Their complex, bulky nature combined with manual operations makes them prone to delays, deploying one configuration change can take days. With applications and changes being churned out at a rapid pace, manually managed networks become a bottleneck in deploying those changes, thereby decelerating the business processes.

Automating networks makes them agile and responsive to changes, dramatically supporting DevOps initiatives. It also makes networks more secure by eliminating the errors that accompany manual processes.

Moving from Standard IT to Smart IT

NETS automation team can advocate and enable the Best Practices for Network Automation

#1: Analyze your network

#2: Identify the key pain points/areas you want automated

#3: Consult with all teams before deciding

#4: Conduct regular audits to enforce security and policy compliance

#5: Explore, experiment, and expand

Range of our services but not limited to:


  • Network Inventory Management
  • Network Discovery
  • Network Services Mapping
  • Automated Network Monitoring
  • Automated Hardware Monitoring
  • Automated DC (Infra) Monitoring
  • Automated WIFI Monitoring
  • Automated Power Monitoring
  • Zero Touch provisioning
  • AI Chabot
  • Integration with any existing ITSM tool

Source Code Ownership

We build it, you own it. It’s that simple. Once we finish development, we pass over the complete source code so that your project is yours – no fees or strings attached. Whether you want to continue working with us for maintenance and updates or take the project internal is up to you.

No 3rd Parties

You know what they say – three is a crowd. That’s why we keep everything in-house. Our developers, designers, project managers, and everything in between are all our own vetted and trained team members. This allows us to ensure high-quality and on-time projects.

Local & Accountable

We value in-person interactions and believe that face-to-face problem solving is critical for a successful project. We know trust is earned, so we want to be more than just a name on a computer screen – we want you to see our office and to meet our team. By being right down the street, we know that you can hold us accountable.


Our DNA is focused to long-term partnerships, which means that we want to earn your trust and keep it. We do this through our commitment to absolute transparency about us, our processes, our work, and your project. While the frequency of updates will be at your discretion, we will always keep you up to date on the status of your project, budget, risks, timelines, and blockers.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the most sophisticated enterprise automation technology that uses artificial intelligence and bots to intelligently execute actions to complete tasks that in the traditional flow of working involve human intervention to be executed. Robotic process automation even surpasses the traditional automation tools and enterprise software because by this technology, the enterprise software developer even doesn’t need to create a list of actions, instead the technology identifies those actions by watching the software developer’s action and repeating those intelligently.

Robotic Process Automation is very cost-effective because it reduces operational costs significantly. The accuracy and quality of the tasks done using this enterprise technology is outstanding. Consistency is very important in enterprise software development, and by decreasing human intervention and implementing software automation, consistency is ensured.

Nets International works with SkillOrbit as a partner and we are committed to modernize the digital world with the implementation of enterprise software robotics.