AWS Cloud Services

We help organizations achieve success by way of superlative AWS Cloud Computing Development

Strategy & Assessment

We bring in a pool of proficient and certified AWS professionals from our own team and partnered resources, who can help you in the process of assessment of the potentials of the secure AWS cloud computing platform. We will outline the complete strategy and plan of building the infrastructure over the cloud, acquiring the services feasible for your infrastructure and enhancing the performance and security of your system.

Development & Risk Management

As the leading AWS development service providers, we have assembled the most proficient AWS developers who have the skills set to execute tasks like AWS Lambda development, Amazon EC2 Development, AWS application development, AWS security audit and risk management, etc. All the development work done over the cloud is done with essential security tools and services on AWS Cloud9. Feel free to engage the talents of Nets International if you are looking to perform any AWS related job.

Implementation & Migration

Migration of your business data and IT infrastructure to the AWS cloud is the need of the hour now. It’s intelligent to make this decision and choosing NETS International as your partner to execute the comprehensive migration and implementation program is a cherry on the top. We can perform a seamless and smooth migration process to ensure a secure and reliable infrastructure for your organization. This includes the migration on AWS Cloud services and AWS Hybrid Cloud, which is a unique blend of services and tools over the cloud and on-premises.

Monitoring & Management

Making the information technology infrastructure of your business secure, robust, easy to access and faster are the core objectives of migration to AWS cloud computing. However, we also ensure that these aims are achieved with the optimized budget and resources. Our team persistently monitors and manages the instances deployed over the cloud. We enable the AWS services that would optimize the performance and be cost-effective at the same time. We monitor CPU spikes to ensure a brilliant digital experience.

Reliable, Scalable and Secure Amazon Web Services

Nets International has assembled a team of proficient Amazon Web Services experts who can provide you the most feasible and reliable cloud computing solutions for your business that will make your data and business processes faster and scalable. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is considered to be a global groundbreaker when it comes to pay-as-you-go cloud computing platforms that offer scalable and robust technical infrastructure for databases and APIs. The tools and services offered by Amazon can optimize the performance of your applications in a very cost effective manner, if they are intelligently used. This is where Nets International comes into the picture. Thanks to the extensive experience and knowledge of all the AWS services and tools, we can recommend those that might suit you based on your workload, region, nature of business, expected traffic, network security processes and practices, etc.

We offer the highest return on investment on AWS cloud computing deployment, configuration and maintenance because based on the details of your application and business, we will only configure the AWS services that would be cost-effective and at the same time, would boost the performance and security of your applications.

Here’s how we can help you in your Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing area:

  • Server Instance Deployment
  • Cloud computing consulting
  • Integration services
  • Cloud Development of applications
  • Data Migration Services
  • Lambda Development
  • Cloud computing management
  • AWS EC2 Development
  • Console administration services

Do you need to increase and decrease the server capacity of your application due to changes in computing requirements?

Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud, more popularly recognized as AWS EC2, is the perfect cloud solution and service of Amazon, to run and host applications where the instances will be allocated on pay-as-you-go basis over virtual machines and the deployment of the applications are absolutely scalable. We have the expertise to create AWS instances, while this process involves the formation of Amazon Machine Image (AMI) with all the software required to execute the applications efficiently. We can efficiently boot a diversity of EC2 instances for your business and the configuration procedures to scale up and scale down the virtual machines will also be devised. Scaling the instances based on the load of the applications is a cost effective drill that will allow you to pay only for the virtual machines that your applications are using.

Are you interested in a more durable and reliable storage bucket?

Amazon Simple Storage Service, more commonly known as AWS S3, gives you the classy option to store your data as objects as a web service. We can efficiently manage the AWS S3 storage for your data infrastructure over AWS. Ideal for big data infrastructures, the AWS S3 allows you to store all the data of your applications, disaster recovery data, data archives, etc. Our proficient AWS specialists can manage the access of deletion and creation of objects in the storage bucket for your business based on the selected region, and all this will be managed and configured based on the nature of your business and infrastructure.

Is your data highly sensitive and you are looking for additional security?

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, or the AWS VPC, allows you to have your applications hosted on a virtual private network over the AWS cloud. The security and privacy offered by AWS VPC is incomparable. Nets International can take care of the IP security based private network configuration for your data. Stay in full control of your data and applications with the virtual private network deployed by the experts of Nets International. Using the features of Amazon Web Services intelligently, i.e. security groups and network access control, dedicated instances creation, we can efficiently make your system impressively secure and customizable.

Do you think elasticity and flexibility of the servers is critical for your applications?

The Amazon Web Services Load Balancer The Amazon Web Services Load Balancer is an eccentric service that is imperative for an efficient distributed system. We can help you make your applications exceptionally responsive and competent by dispensing the traffic among the diverse AWS cloud servers and in this way, the load on the servers is balanced to ensure efficiency. We understand the load balancing algorithms and we know how AWS spreads traffic among the cloud servers. Based on this knowledge, our professionals make critical decisions and configurations pertaining to your infrastructure.

Are you concerned about the core security and compliance requirements of your business data?

Security over the cloud is one of the foremost primacies of Amazon Web Services. Keeping in mind the requirements and challenges of the most security sensitive nature of businesses, the AWS cloud platform has one of the most robust and secure network architecture and data centers. With the complete knowledge of all the services of AWS, we can help you make use of those in the right way and protect your workload tremendously. We uninterruptedly monitor the AWS activities of your instances and make sure that all the compliance programs pertinent to your business are implemented on your network. Currently, the AWS list of compliance assurance programs include SOC Compliance, PCI Compliance and ISO/ IEC 27000-series Compliance.

Do you think elasticity and flexibility of the servers is critical for your applications?

If your database architecture is developed on relational model, then the leverage of Amazon Relational Database Service, i.e. AWS RDS, can unfold multiple benefits for you. The web service over the cloud for relational database model offers the scalability that fundamentally changed the dynamics of database management. If your database is developed on top of a relational database management system like MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora or Oracle, then we can efficiently build, configure and maintain the database over the Amazon cloud for you. The features like vertical scalability and horizontal scalability, added performance optimization and backup mechanisms will take your applications to the next level.

Will your AWS account be accessed by many people and you want to manage their rights and permissions?

In order to manage your users and user groups on Amazon Web Services in a convenient, user-friendly and secure way and to control the permissions and accesses to be given to each user to the resources and features of AWS, a brilliant tool called the Amazon Web Services Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) exists. We, at Nets International can help you avail this feature to enhance the security and to give you strong control over the accesses of your AWS account to your users. We understand not all the users of the AWS cloud of your organization should have the rights and access to perform all types of activities and to view all the types of services. Based on the permissions you want to give, we will make the configurations and give your users their AWS management console with the rights, permissions and accesses given to them..

Do you want to stay safe by taking regular data backups?

Data backups are exceptionally important as they eliminate the chances of losing valuable data in case of security hazard, exposure or disaster. Using the Amazon Centralized Cloud Backup service, we can competently create robust backup strategies and policies for your data. We will also monitor all the backup activities of all the services of your AWS account. We make things straightforward for you at the AWS Backup Console by creating backup policies and meeting your business requirements.

AWS Services


Do you think you need to have a data recovery mechanism implemented

Our team of talented and proficient experts can plan and implement the perfect disaster recovery plan for your data that will safeguard your data, interests and business reputation. Disasters might occur in the form of server corruptions, cyberattacks, and data center failures. We have the skills to migrate configure the cloud-based disaster recovery software like CloudEndure to your AWS account and help you in minimizing downtime and data loss in case of any disaster.


Are you planning to move your database infrastructure to Amazon Web Services?

We can professionally migrate your infrastructure from other networks and platforms to Amazon Web Services very conveniently and with the least downtime. We have the expertise to use the absolute potentials of the AWS Database Migration service to ensure a smooth transfer. AWS DB migration offers suitability for homogeneous migrations and heterogeneous migrations.

We use the features of AWS like keeping track of incremental replications of server volumes, automation, scheduled migrations, etc. for successful migration of substantial workload from on-premises environment or other cloud networks to the AWS cloud.