Microsoft Infrastructure Services

Cloud Computing may have its benefits and advantages; but that is doesn’t mean that those benefits could overshadow the advantages and security offered by on-premises infrastructure models. Security of business data and applications that is achieved by an on-premises infrastructure is unparalleled. Moreover, you have the absolute control over the data, APIs and the server configurations that any Platform as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service can’t deliver. Microsoft technologies have been considered to be among the leaders of information technology platforms and clearly, creating an infrastructure and technology environment developed on top of services and software of Microsoft, like Windows Servers, SQL Server, etc. can definitely be a very intelligent decision.

The team of Nets International comprises experts that can efficiently perform the deployment and configuration of your Microsoft Infrastructure, as the MS Infra services of Nets International, depending on your workload and business requirements. With Nets International’s services, your on-premises servers will stay updated. Microsoft technologies, processes and platforms that we can deploy and configure for you are:

  • MS Windows Server
  • Advanced Files and Storage Services
  • Microsoft Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Microsoft exchange server
  • Active Directory Domain Services and Domain Controller.
  • Microsoft Network Load Balancing
  • Microsoft System Center Configuration
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Advanced Network Services VLANs.
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Servers and Databases

  • We can install and configure Microsoft Windows Server based environment at your office premises and implement the state-of-the-art security mechanisms
  • Development of robust and complex applications that could be integrated with SQL Server and other Microsoft based server tools.
  • We will optimize the performance of your existed Microsoft based servers and enhance their security with the help of innovative processes and software

Microsoft AD and Network Services

  • Centralized resources and security administration
  • Single login for access to global resources
  • Simplified resource location

Microsoft Applications

  • Installing and upkeeping all Microsoft applications – Office 365, Exchange, Sharepoint
  • Manage all applications as a single-window option without much disruption to any other real-time workloads.

Microsoft System Centre

  • We perform all the monitoring of the MS Infra hosting and server activities and generate reports, analytics and insights
  • Infrastructure provisioning makes the process less complex and efficient.
  • Automated processes and self-sustained mechanisms make the network exceptionally efficient.
We make your data more secure and efficient and help you achieve the absolute potentials of Microsoft technologies

With Nets International, you can build your entire data infrastructure on top of Microsoft technologies, including Azure services. We have the experience of building secure on-premises systems that can enable you to achieve the success that you need.