CISO On Demand (CISOoD)

Why CISO On Demand makes more sense?

CISO on demand (or on-demand CISO) is another term for virtual CISO (or vCISO). Virtual and on-demand CISOs serve companies that can’t afford a full-time cyber security executive. Any CISO on-demand carries out duties akin to what their name implies. They assess cyber-risks, create cyber security policy, communicate with department heads, perform penetration testing, and suggest cyber security solutions.

Benefits of CISO on Demand

  • Unbiased analysis current security posture
  • Cost-effective engagement as Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • On-demand & flexible attainability
  • Short term benefit of immediate risk mitigation
  • Long term benefit of developing in house capabilities

What you get with a CISO On Demand or virtual CISO?

Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) are typically accountable for the overall Cybersecurity strategy for the organization while ensuring secure availability and access of information. As companies grows, so does your digital footprint, this introduces several risks and challenges around assets, access and Intellectual Proprietary (IP) information. Many organizations agree on the need of having appropriate security systems and policies in place, however having a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for all small to medium sized businesses can be challenging. Our CISO On-demand (CISOoD) offers not just expertise but also flexibility and adaptability, meeting the comprehensive security requirements of your organization while eliminating the challenges faced otherwise. NETS CISOoD brings exceptional value, executive skills and leadership to help plan, define and execute a unique security strategy