Cyber Security Solutions – Darktrace

Darktrace Enterprise Immune System – Sophisticated Artificial Based Cyber Defense System

Darktrace is an intelligent system that can essentially detect all possible threats and risks pertaining to security of the system immediately as they originate.

  • The Darktrace Enterprise Immune System is based on the human immune system model. The enterprise software uses artificial intelligence to recognize the activities and actions of the users performed. Based on those activities, a pattern of work is identified by the intelligent system and in due course, any unusual activity performed is highlighted by software right away.
  • The security and protection of network systems and data offered by Darktrace cyber intelligence platform is outstanding. The software is compatible with diverse environments and platforms.
  • The security of the system from cyberattacks and other threats with the deployment of Darktrace systems achieves crowning with the Darktrace Antigena technology. The immune system detecting the threat on the spot is handled autonomously and promptly with the Darktrace Antigena.
Benefits Of Darktrace Cyber Defense
  • Since Darktrace works in artificial intelligence, the system learns and adapts continuously and quickly
  • Upon any unusual activity, reports and analytics are generated and released instantly
  • Seamless compatibility and correlation with other Software-as-a-Service, IoT, On-Premises environments, Cloud computing, etc.
  • Completely autonomous and minimum manual configuration and human intervention

Advanced Cloud Security Simplified

Why NTA tools are important for advanced threat management?
  • NTA tools handle new threats and malware that do not have signatures. Signature based detection of network traffic analysis is unparalleled as well.
  • NTA tools generate highly precise insights and analytics that is useful for Security and Operations teams. These analytics include network metadata, packet data, etc.
  • NTA tools automate the network security tasks and allow the business managers to focus solely on their business activities and tasks.
  • Network traffic analysis tools ensure a sharp decrease in malware dwell time

Advanced Cloud Security Simplified

Network traffic analysis is a complex set of processes and practices through an enterprise software that use machine learning, predictive analysis and advanced analytics to detect any unusual and suspicious activities in a network system. There are multiple efficient network traffic analysis tools that keep a close watch on the traffic on a network system and detect threats to keep the environment protected.

How Darktrace Immune System Works?

Darktrace is one of the most dependable and robust solutions that protects and safeguards networks and server environments from cyberattacks and threats with the help of artificial intelligence, predictive analysis and machine learning technologies.

The Darktrace Cyber Intelligence platform records logs of the activities, actions and patterns of work of the users of the environment and with the passage of time learns to distinguish normal and abnormal activities. Eventually, if any action, activity or trigger is executed in the system that the AI based system does not identify as a normal pattern, it instantly identifies it as a potential threat without any human intervention.

The Darktrace Antigena technology, then immediately initiates its processes and measures to confront the threat without waiting for any human intervention. The Antigena feature involves multiple techniques including application of active lists via firewall integrations, TCP Reset, etc.

Among all the cyber security solutions Darktrace is the most trustworthy and reliable solution for On-premises environments, Cloud computing PaaS environments, and other SaaS environments.

Darktrace can be deployed to secure physical (IT and OT), virtualized, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and SaaS environments. Deployment options include Darktrace appliances, software sensors and connectors that are installed passively in the customer’s network or cloud. A master appliance correlates behavior across the organization’s infrastructure.