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Vectra Cognito platform – intelligent, AI-driven threat detection and response for cloud, SaaS, and on-prem footprints

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Business Benefits
  • Reduce risk of breach
  • Improve efficiency of security operations
  • Achieve and maintain governance and compliance
  • Security in the cloud & with hybrid environements

Intelligent Cyberattack Prevention With Network Traffic Analysis

How NTA Can Make Your Data Secure
  • With the use of constant and frequent machine learning and behavior analytics techniques Network Traffic Analysis tools identify a pattern that can be regarded as usual activities in the system.
  • Any activity in the infrastructure and network system that is out of the usual activities identified, is considered to be a threat and malicious activity. In this way, the NTA tools automatically detect such an activity as soon as it arises
  • From On-premises environments to Cloud Computing or Hybrid Cloud, NTA tools cover all environments of servers and networks.
  • The NTA tools can also execute the analytics and surveillance over specific IPs.

Intelligent Cyberattack Prevention With Network Traffic Analysis

Network Traffic Analysis protects your valuable data by identifying suspicious and unusual activities in your network that could be threats and cyberattacks. These activities are recognized through the implementation of machine learning and rule-based detection. NTA tools are the perfect resource to protect your system and stay updated with any possible accidents before they arise.

How Vectra Cognito platform works?

Cyber security solutions Vectra Cognito is based on artificial intelligence technologies and machine learning to detect malicious activities and threats in the network system and develops the automatic response to these threats as well. The sophisticated platform is successfully protecting the enterprise networks globally over the cloud, on-premises, data centers and IoT. Cyber Security managed Vectra Cognitor effectively and efficiently recognizes and stops cyberattacks, malware, ransomware, worms, phishing and other cyber threats right then and there.

The Vectra Cognito workflow is simple:

  • Data pertaining to all the activities of all the resources of the data center, on-premises infrastructure or the cloud server is collected,
  • Artificial intelligence, data science and deep learning technologies are used to detect specific patterns of usual activities
  • Attacks are detected and stopped by identifying any unusual activity in the environment

Benefits of Vectra Cognito:

  • Threat detection is completely automated with the Vectra Cognito software. With the use of artificial intelligence, the system smartly watches the activities of the users and detects malicious activities without human intervention.
  • With the threats and cyberattacks identified, the software doesn’t just stop there. It intelligently executes much deeper analysis and hunts for the threats that still have not made any activity in the system
  • The Vectra Cognito covers all the resources of the entire infrastructure with its data collection, pattern building and threat detection.