Building Trust

Choosing Best Customer Install Business Partner in the UK

As the wave of Gigabit fibre optic broadband envelops homes in the UK, the quest for the perfect installation partner becomes a paramount decision. Amidst the myriad options, one factor shines bright — building trust. But why is it crucial, and how does NETS emerge as the beacon of reliability?

Building Trust with NETS: The Recipe for Success

Fibre optic technology continues to reshape the connectivity landscape in the UK; hence service providers are confronted with a critical choice: forging enduring partnerships that ensure exceptional experience for all customers.

The call for integrity resonates strongly with both ISPs and contractors, underscoring the importance of a partner who consistently fulfils commitments, prioritizes transparency, and provides steadfast support. NETS, as an award winning organization, don’t just provide expertise; we create a smooth journey from planning to post-project support with our industry leading accreditation & compliances.

What sets NETS apart in the fibre connectivity landscape?

So, what sets NETS apart as the trusted partner of choice for ISPs and contractors across the UK? It’s a carefully crafted combination of expertise, communication, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction

More than Expertise, We Deliver Turnkey Solutions

NETS offers turnkey solutions for Access Networks (fixed & wireless), covering everything from initial planning and civil works to meticulous installation and post-project support. We have the capacity to take the lead, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey from start to finish, allowing you to focus on surpassing customer expectations

A Network of Speed and Reliability

We have strategically positioned 25+ dedicated Customer installation teams across the UK, creating an agile workforce that responds swiftly to your needs. This extensive network ensures rapid deployments and minimal disruption for your customers.

We also are gearing up to reach 100+ teams by 2025 ensuring that our clients & their customers are well taken care of.

Our goal is not to keep the customers waiting for installation but ensure that Gigabit UK becomes a reality sooner rather than later

Dedicated Back-up Crew

We recognise that the unexpected can occur. That’s why we maintain a dedicated back-up crew always ready to step in, guaranteeing uninterrupted service and unwavering reliability even during peak demand. Should unforeseen demand arise, our dedicated back-up crew is prepared to seamlessly take over, ensuring uninterrupted service and unwavering reliability

Always at Your Convenience: Scheduling Flexibility

Gone are the days of rigid schedules with NETS. Our flexible approach enables us to tailor our services to your specific requirements, accommodating even the most demanding timelines. Whether you require installations during regular business hours or late-night deployments, we’re prepared to work around your schedule, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum convenience. Additionally, our teams are available to work on holidays, as and when required.


Partnering with NETS: A Win-Win for Internet Service Providers & AltNets

When you choose NETS as your fibre installation partner, you’re not just gaining access to exceptional expertise and steady support. You’re forging a strategic partnership that unlocks a multitude of benefits. By joining forces with NETS, you can weave a future of seamless connectivity, satisfied customers, and a shared vision of unlocking the boundless potential of fibre technology.


NETS is a leading global Solutions Provider and Systems Integrator dedicated empowering the future through our integrated approach and commitment to delivering Innovative, Intelligent, and Integrated Solutions. NETS brings over four decades of proven domain expertise, service specialization, and industry leadership, delivering over 3,000+ successful projects. Our 1,000+ highly skilled, certified & professional staff, collaboration with over 50 leading global technology partners, 100+ NETS OEM Partners, and NETS Reach, with offices in the UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, has allowed us to be the preferred trusted partner to over 200 long-standing satisfied customers across 23 countries.

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