NETS Solutions

From passionate entrepreneurs to a top 3 market leader, NETS has a rich legacy that dates to the early 80s, when Mr. Shafi Naeem Ahmad (Late), a visionary engineer with a dynamic and positive persona, partnered with his brothers to set up National Engineers, now known as NETS.

Infrastructure Solutions

NETS Team is an expert and leading provider of innovative, reliable, and secure infrastructure solutions for specific industry segments. Our Infrastructure Networks solutions and services includes core FTTX / Wireless infrastructure connectivity for telecommunications providers and operators, ISPs, Alt nets, , Charging Points for EVs, Gas, Electric & Water, IPCore & DWDM, as well as Banking and Utility networks such as ATM / POS networks.

Digital Solutions

NETS is providing secure and scalable digital infrastructure solutions for customers of all sizes and verticals, including Enterprise Data Networks & Data Center solutions, Cloud services such as Public/Hybrid Cloud Migration, Cyber Security including zero trust network & endpoint security, Collaboration services such as audio / video and meeting room solutions, as well as custom automation services that includes in-house products (Monet X, Map X) or bespoke automation solutions tailored as per specific needs and requirements. NETS focuses on enabling automation at scale, driving innovation, operational efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Managed Solutions

NETS Managed Solutions cover the entire spectrum from Managed IT Services including Managed Network (NOC), Managed Security (SOC), Managed Cloud, as well as Resources Outsourcing to provide turnkey 24/7/365 uninterrupted services through committed Service Level Agreements addressing your technology needs. Our Managed Solutions portfolio includes IT operations management, reducing complexities and improving efficiencies.

Our Resource Outsourcing services includes Full-time (headhunting), Contract (Onsite customer resources on NETS payroll), Remote (Virtual resources dedicated to customer on NETS payroll) or Shared (on-demand surge resources for urgent projects or tasks).

NETS Services Architecture

Our solutions and systems integration capabilities & expertise are unparalleled, thanks to our team of experienced professionals, in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and internal processes, systems & automation tools. We have a proven track record of successfully delivering and integrating complex systems across multiple industries with simple & effective solutions that exceed customer expectations. Our approach involves a thorough analysis of the client’s needs, followed by a detailed plan that outlines the plan-deploy-operate-support process.

We use Agile methodologies to ensure timely delivery and regular updates to our clients leveraging both in-country / on premises and remote subject matter experts. Our expertise and certified consultants in various domains and technologies enable us to provide complete end-to-end turnkey global solutions that are tailored to the client’s specific needs. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes.

Telecom & Technology

Banking & Finance


Education & Healthcare

Enterprise & Corporate

NETS Service Lifecycle

Our Process & Service Lifecycle is a complete turnkey process framework that outlines our approach to delivering end-to-end projects and adding value as a one stop Solution Provider. We categorize our service lifecycle based on:

We conduct surveys, planning, design, assessments, and consulting activities to ensure that we fully understand our clients’ needs and requirements and enable them to Plan & Design.


Includes all infrastructure networks such as Telecommunications, Banking and Utility networks, including FTTX, Mobile, EV Charging Points, gas, electric & water, and banking ATM / POS networks.


We manage, monitor, support, and optimize the solution to ensure that it continues to meet our clients’ needs over time to allow them to focus on your Core Business while NETS provides premium SLA back operations.


· We find solutions to customer business pain points to ensure that our clients receive the support they need when they need it as Our Customers Success is our Success.

NETS 3 I’s

NETS bases its Service Portfolio around its 3 I’s:


We create adaptive and unique solutions, concepts, designs, or approaches that help businesses stay ahead of the curve.


We provide technology-enabled solutions that leverage advanced know-how to improve planning, deployment and operations with efficiency, automated tasks, and valuable insights to help businesses make better decisions.


We offer comprehensive end-to-end turnkey solutions that integrate multiple technologies and systems to address the unique needs of our clients

NETS 3 E’s

NETS Solutions are based around its 3 E’s


We provide efficient services that streamline operations and reduce costs through automation, standardization, and process improvement strategies.


We offer effective solutions that meet or exceed the customer’s needs and solve the problem or challenge they are facing.


We offer economical solutions that provide required functionalities or features while minimizing costs or resources required.

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