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Why Customer Install Business Partners Outpace In-House Teams

Did you know

According to recent studies carried out by major research firms in UK,
one of reasons for customer churn for any ISP is due to bad experience during installation of services?
As it is said, people are known by the company they keep and with
sub-par services by a contractor, the ISP takes not only reputational
but also financial hit by losing the customer.

The average wait time for internet installation at customer premises in UK is 14 days.

However, the actual installation does not take more than 60
minutes for installation. Although there are multiple factors for the delay such as availability of fibre optic network in the area, allocation of ports, etc but unavailability of teams for actual installation at customer premises is one of the major contributors.

Gigabit Broadband UK is government’s initiative to reach all homes, nationwide, with fiber optic connectivity by 2030. This aggressive timeline demands service providers to face a pivotal decision — whether to increase in-house teams or outsource to professional contractors to minimize internal overheads and expedite turnaround volumes for home
installations. Both options have their merits but having a dedicated
outsourced teams as confirmed by many clients, is far more efficient
and cost-effective.

In this transition, companies are realizing notable advantages. The flexible project-based model adopted by contractors leads to substantial cost savings by freeing companies from the fixed costs of maintaining in-house personnel and addressing seasonal staffing fluctuations. This shift towards outsourcing fibre optic installation is driven by the aim to enhance customer satisfaction, reflecting a broader trend in the industry.

Apart from financial aspects, agility and scalability are becoming crucial differentiators.

The evolving fibre technology landscape requires adaptability, a quality inherent in a home installation contractor. Their flexible structure enables them to scale their workforce smoothly in response to changing demand, unlike the often-inflexible capacity of in-house teams. Additionally, their specialized focus on fibre installations ensures exceptional expertise and efficiency, consistently surpassing the performance of many in-house crews.

However, when it comes to selecting a home installation contractor, careful consideration is essential. In this area, NETS stands out as one of the leading choices for customer home installations in the UK. Our team of rigorously trained and certified personnel operates with the precision and dedication to excellence akin to that of a seasoned special forces unit. With an impressive 99.7% customer satisfaction rate and nearly zero project delays, we have consistently surpassed industry standards. Furthermore, our unwavering commitment to staying ahead in fibre technology ensures that our team is always equipped with the latest tools and techniques, guaranteeing future-proofed installations. 

What Our Customers Say

NETS International has been instrumental in our Fibre Network Rollout due to their expertise in fibre cabling, splicing, and related civil work. The project team has consistently demonstrated professionalism, flexibility, agility, and a strong work ethic. From top management to project managers and field engineers, the entire team at NETS International has been highly responsive and attentive to our needs. They have been quick to address any concerns and have provided us with exceptional support throughout the project

James Burrell

F&W Networks UK

We highly value our partnership with NETS for their outstanding home installation services. NETS consistently meets our high standards, often exceeding expectations by delivering projects on time and with exceptional quality. Their team is a standout for professionalism and customer care, treating our clients as their own. NETS’ dedication to quality and punctuality has greatly contributed to our customer satisfaction. We trust them implicitly with our installation projects, and their alignment with our values makes them an indispensable partner. We’re truly satisfied with NETS and look forward to a continued successful collaboration

Danish Khan

Hyperoptic Broadband UK

NETS is sharply focused on delivering the excellence in customer experience without fail.

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