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The Million Dollar Question, Why Outsource vs. In-House?

By 2025, 97 million new jobs will be created due to advances in technology and automation,” Cisco stated recently in a press release. But the burning question is, are we timely finding quality experienced professionals to meet these soaring demands?

In case of managing or hiring in-house employees, you’re juggling between endless interviews, hundreds of resumes against each job post, and the soul-crushing salary negotiation part. Plus trainings and onboarding that takes months for most employees to be productive, eventually you find out they leave for a better opportunity in few years.
According to Advantis Global, 70% of businesses are being held back due to lack of tech skills and talent shortage in IT sector. A large percentage of fresh tech graduates in Europe also leave the continent to join other tech hubs where they get most competitive salaries, adding to the demand and supply gap.

How are your competitors addressing resourcing challenges?

But before scratch your head any further, let’s cut to the chase. NETS is helping a vast majority of organizations including your competition to actively bridge this skill gap. We are working to proactively find best talent in multiple domains and place top resources for technology projects globally. Many of our valued clients have confirmed this outsourcing model minimizes ongoing overheads, saves significant time, increases efficiency and enables rapid scalability.

How does this magic spell work? NETS does the heavy lifting, sourcing top-notch techies to fit your every need. Full-time rockstars for your team? Done. Need a ninja for a short-term project? Consider it handled. Remote wizards to sprinkle their code-dust from anywhere in the world? Abracadabra, they’re yours. We have top candidates ready join immediately for your next project.

Forget endless interviews and awkward salary negotiations. NETS handles all that, leaving you free to focus on, well, actually running your business. Plus, you get all the benefits of having world-class talent (without the world-class HR headaches). No payroll, no benefits, just pure, unadulterated tech firepower at your fingertips.

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NETS works for you while you focus on your core business

The NETS Value-Prop

In short, NETS Resource Outsourcing is your ticket to:
  • Stress-free rapid tech talent acquisition, globally!
  • 10,000+ pre-vetted resumes of top candidates
  • Direct access to our AI based Smart Recruitment Portal
  • Guaranteed SLAs100% Customer Satisfaction

Tech Domains: Telecom, FTTX, GPON, Enterprise Networking, Infrastructure, Cloud, DevOps, Cybersecurity, NOC / SOC, Automation, and much more ..

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