Managed Services : It matters!

Managed Services or Managed IT services as a revenue stream is integral to every IT services provider and systems integrators. Reason is straight forward. All businesses in every industry has become highly IT dependent and managing business processes and functions to make operations more efficient and at the same time optimizing costs.  So every IT manager or CIO expect a managed service provider (MSP) to enable primary  business functions and increasing their productivity. ... Read More

Managing Information Security Triad: SOAR = SIEM + NDR + EDR

Terms and acronyms can get convoluted in the ever-growing security marketplace. As an example, many use SIEM and SOAR interchangeably. Although security information and event management (SIEM) and security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR)  have capabilities that complement each other, they are not the same thing. Since they’re not the same thing but have complimenting capabilities, the most successful security operations (SecOps) teams use both technologies to optimize their security operations center (SOC). SOAR enables the security team to handle the alert load quickly and efficiently, leaving time for important, skills-based tasks which results in a higher-performing SOC. ... Read More

Extending MICROSOFT TEAMS Beyond Communication A Collaboration Tool

Microsoft Teams is not just a communication tool! It is a PLATFORM. Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams provide strong enterprise security for the financial services industry including capabilities to help protect sensitive information and prevent information exchanges that could lead to organizational conflicts of interest.  What one can get out Microsoft Teams as information protection capabilities? ... Read More
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