Christmas Festivities with Hyperoptic 

NETS recently hosted a vibrant Christmas and New Year party, bringing together the NETS and Hyperoptic teams to celebrate the joyous festive season. Beyond the festive cheer, this event served as a meaningful gesture of appreciation and gratitude for the strong partnership between Hyperoptic and NETS throughout the year. 

The party was not just an occasion for merriment but also a platform to acknowledge and strengthen the relationships that form the foundation of our successful collaboration. As colleagues from both organizations shared laughter, stories, and joy, the bonds between the teams deepened. The festive celebration created an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared achievements, highlighting the value of the collaborative journey that Hyperoptic and NETS have embarked upon. 

In addition to the lively festivities, NETS took this opportunity to express sincere thanks to the Hyperoptic team for their dedication and collaboration. The success of NETS is intricately woven with the partnerships it forges, and the Christmas and New Year party was a heartfelt acknowledgment of the integral role Hyperoptic plays in this success story. NETS looks forward to being continued fruitful partnerships with Hyperoptic in the coming year, working together to achieve new milestones and overcome challenges on our collective journey towards excellence in the world of connectivity. 

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