Health & Safety

The objective of the NETS Health, Safety & Wellbeing Policy is to prevent, insofar as it is reasonably practicable to do so, during the work or duties being undertaken, any accidental occurrence resulting in any small or big project:

Injury or ill health to any person.

Damage to or loss of any plant, equipment, property, materials or products.

Delays in any processes or operation.

Events that may otherwise be detrimental to efficiency and/or prestige.

Adverse impact upon the environment. 

Health & Safety

Our Vision is to be a policy expert & to create an “Injury-Free and Healthy Environment” which is defined as more than safety, a culture of care and concern for people, which encourages everybody to accept responsibility for their own and their colleagues’ to take steps to wellbeing. Our Health and Safety objectives include:

Measure performance using leading and lagging indicators to decrease accidents over the next 12 months.

Increase the visibility of the business health and safety expectations across all stakeholders, including suppliers and customers.

Ensure all employees are aware of the Health and Safety procedures.

Ensure continuous improvement, maintain environmental incidents & accidents Frequency Rate of 0

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