NETS And Fortinet Redefine Cybersecurity Horizons 

In a strategic alliance that echoes innovation and security prowess, NETS joined forces with Fortinet for an enlightening session titled, “Unleashing the Future of Cybersecurity.” Held as an insightful session, the event delved into a multifaceted discussion on cutting-edge topics such as Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW), Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SDWAN), Operational Technology Security, Security-Driven Networking, MonetX, and a spectrum of other transformative elements in the cybersecurity realm. 

The synergy between NETS and Fortinet showcased a commitment to pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity excellence, offering attendees an immersive experience into the evolving landscape of digital defense. The session served as a knowledge hub, providing a comprehensive understanding of the intricate facets of modern cybersecurity challenges and solutions. As the cybersecurity landscape becomes increasingly sophisticated, NETS and Fortinet’s collaborative session not only addressed the present challenges but also glimpsed into the future, preparing businesses for the ever-evolving threat landscape.  

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