NETS Celebrates Excellence: Biannual Recognition 2023-24!

NETS enthusiastically supports its employees’ outstanding efforts, and we are proud to spotlight the remarkable achievements of Muhammad Sohail Khalil and Souhaib Safdar in our latest biannual recognition for 2023-24.

Muhammad Sohail Khalil has exemplified unparalleled expertise and dedication in pre-sales support, earning him the title of Top Performer in Pre-Sales Support. His unwavering commitment to understanding client needs and providing top-notch solutions has been instrumental in driving our success and ensuring client satisfaction.

Souhaib Safdar has demonstrated outstanding sales prowess, securing the title of Outstanding Sales Performer. Through his strategic approach, unparalleled determination, and remarkable sales acumen, Souhaib has consistently surpassed targets and played a pivotal role in NETS’ growth and expansion.

Their contributions continue to elevate NETS and inspire us to reach greater heights of success together.

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