NETS Excels at Connected North 24 

NETS showcased its expertise at Connected North 24 in Manchester, UK, highlighting its comprehensive range of fixed and wireless access network solutions. This event served as a platform to demonstrate NETS’ commitment to innovation and excellence in the telecom industry. 

At Connected North 24, NETS formed industry partnerships to drive future advancements in access networks. The event also provided an opportunity for NETS to engage with new clients, showcasing its capabilities in fiber optic solutions for fixed access networks. NETS also met with existing customers, discussing how to enhance their network solutions and exploring wireless access network options. 

NETS’ commitment to excellence is evident in its ability to deliver tailored solutions for each project. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, NETS continues to drive innovation in the access network space, empowering businesses and communities across the UK with high-speed, reliable connectivity solutions. 

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