NETS Partner Programs

We believe in collaborative success through initiatives, subcontracting, and joint ventures. Our partners gain access to our network, commission models, and dedicated support for accelerated growth. The co-investment program funds and guides startups aligned with our vision, fostering innovation. Together, we unlock opportunities and create transformative solutions for shared accomplishments.

Business Initiatives & Subcontracting:

NETS Collaborative partnerships and subcontracting enhance capabilities, leveraging relationships with industry leaders for scalable growth.

Business Consultant Program

NETS program accelerates partners' growth through business development, customer expansion, and dedicated support, leveraging our brand and expertise.

Co-Investment Program

NETS fund and support innovative startups aligned with our vision, offering funding, guidance, mentorship, and network access for emerging technologies.

Joint Ventures & SPV

Collaborations for innovative solutions, providing resources and expertise, enabling partners to achieve objectives with revenue/profit sharing for mutual benefit

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