NETS Podcast: Empowering Broadband UK 

NETS International hosted an insightful podcast focusing on empowering broadband users in the UK. The podcast, hosted by James Vincent, Business Consultant at NETS International, featured a special guest, Steve Melvin, Network Build Director at Hyperoptic. 

During the podcast, James and Steve delved deep into the world of customer installation services for broadband in the UK. They provided expert advice on optimizing setup and troubleshooting solutions for common challenges, aiming to empower listeners with the knowledge and tools for a seamless broadband experience. 

Listeners had the opportunity to learn from industry-leading experts and fellow consumers, gaining valuable insights to enhance their broadband connections. The podcast aimed to educate and empower users, ensuring they make the most out of their broadband services. This podcast reflects NETS’ commitment to empowering broadband users with knowledge and tools for a seamless experience. 

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