Training and Development

NETS provides comprehensive training and development opportunities for young diploma graduates, preparing them for better career prospects both locally and globally. Our advanced 12-month program includes a mix of online and on-site workshops, hands-on training, and access to networks. Participants gain in-demand skills such as Python and Cybersecurity, enhancing their employability in today’s competitive job market.


NETS goes beyond training by offering personalized career counselling to help individuals identify their strengths, weaknesses, and suitable career paths aligned with their skills and interests. This tailored approach ensures that each trainee receives customized guidance for maximum benefit. Internally, we prioritize continuous career planning, learning, and development, encouraging employees to enhance their knowledge and capacity year after year. By becoming subject matter experts, they advance their careers and positively impact our valued customers.


The goal of training and career counselling is that job seekers are placed. A dedicated team of training and placement officers is working towards match making between potential job seekers and employers. NETS provides opportunities for job seekers to be placed within the group, other companies and countries.

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