Wireless Access Network

Experience seamless connectivity and stay connected anytime, anywhere with our reliable wireless access network services tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether its GSM / 3G / 4G / 5G site migration or indoor / outdoor guest Wi-Fi services, NETS can accommodate requirements of small businesses, large enterprises, and everything in between. From planning and implementation to testing and optimization, we deliver reliable indoor / outdoor wireless and mobile connectivity to enable organizations to unlock the full potential of next-generation wireless technologies. Our wireless and mobile services are designed to deliver high-speed data transfers, enabling users to stream 4K videos seamlessly and browse the web without interruptions. We prioritize speed and performance to ensure a smooth and lag-free experience for critical business operations.

  • Domain expertise in delivering turnkey Wireless Access Network infrastructure projects
  • Major wireless partners include Huawei, Nokia, Cisco (GSM / LTE / Wireless APs / WLAN Controllers)
  • Major customers include:
  • UAE: Wireless access network projects for multiple customers including Du, Etisalat
  • UAE: Multiple wireless projects with Etisalat including 46 GSM sites upgraded from Microwave to LTE/5G
  • PAK: Outdoor public Wi-Fi project for 192 locations across the province for PITB
  • PAK: 3G Packet Core 10G upgradation and PDSN based network deployment using Cisco ASR5k for PTCL 

Service Portfolio

Wireless Surveys & Planning

Wireless Site Surveys: Remote & Physical Wireless Planning & Design: Wireless Planning, Wireless Network Design layouts, Transmission Planning LoS Route Planning: Future obstacle & signal planning Compliance: Regulatory standards, best practices Special Projects: Business Planning & Evaluation, Bid Submissions, and Documentation

Project & Program Management

Project & Program Management Wireless Project/Program Management: Planning, Execution, Monitoring, Resource Allocation & Management Quality and Reliability: 100% customer sat for GSM/WLAN/WAN/WWAN works Stakeholder communication and risks identification Standards: PMI/PMP, ISO Standards

Equipment & Material Supply

Active: WLAN Controllers, APs, Routers Passive: BSS / GSM accessories, Antennas Warranty: provided directly via manufacturer and OEMs Support: provided by NETS directly on all supplied equipment

Wireless Deployments & Network Build Rollouts

Civil Works: Excavations, Future Obstacle identification, Poles & Towers foundation construction, Poles & Towers installation Site Installation: GSM/BTS sites installation Site Integration: 4G / LTE / 5G Integration Site Migration: 3G to 4G / 5G Migration Wireless Access Points (APs): Outdoor / Indoor H/W Installation, Commissioning, Configuration Full range of services: IBS, Microwave, BSS/BTS Network Configuration: high performance & security, Guest Wi-Fi Services Core: Switches, Routers, WLAN Controllers, DWDM, IP Core, MPLS

Optimization & Continuation Planning

Network Audit: Identify improvements, compliance & risk assessment Network Optimization: Hardware & Software updates, Network (re) configuration Network Expansion: accommodating future growth, bandwidth & capacity Strategic Initiatives: Advisory & Consulting Process Improvement: Audits, Density Analysis, Traffic Management, Upgrades

Managed Services

O&M: Managing Remote Operations Network Optimization: Ongoing improvement Corrective & Preventive Maintenance: Predictive planned service maintenance Troubleshooting: Fault Identification, Resolution Resource Outsourcing Flexible resource outsourcing services: Leverage our skilled resource pool Avoid in-house costs & overheads

Technical Capabilities

Survey, Planning & Design (Pre Deployment)

TSSR | 360 Degree | LOS Survey | LoS Avoidance | MW Planning & Optimization | Site Power Survey | Transmission Planning | Heat Map Generation | Density Analysis

Project & Program Management

Project Scoping | Work Breakdown (WBS) | Gantt Chart | Project Plan | Resource Allocation | Risk Management | Stakeholder Management | Communication & Change Management | Quality / H&S Management | Project Monitoring & Control

Equipment & Material Supply

WLAN Controllers | Routers | Switches | Antennas | Power Equipment | BSS / GSM accessories | Transmission Accessories

Wireless Deployments & Network Build Rollouts

3G / 4G / 5G | BTS Swap (Hot & Cold) | Cutover | Expansion | SRAN reconstruction | RAN rollout implementation | Pre-PAT / PAT with zero snags | OMCR | AC / DC Power Equipment Commissioning | Drive Testing (Pre & Post DT) | DG Refueling | ISP / OSP | Transmission | Microwave | TI | DAS | FTK sites (OD & IBS) | COW sites | WLAN / WAN / WWAN | Wi-Fi 6 / 6E (802.11ax) | Wireless Gateways

Optimization & Continuation Planning

Network Audits | Upgrades |
Performance Optimization | Corrective Maintenance | Preventive Maintenance | Network Expansion | Re-dimension | Re-framing | Power Swap | OMCR Support | OMO Benchmarking | PAT Support

Managed Services

Operations & Maintenance| L1 / L2 | 24 x 7 SLAs | Emergency Callouts | Remote & On-site | World-wide Teams | Remote Network Monitoring | Network Optimization | Network Expansion | Fault Identification | Preventive Maintenance | Corrective Maintenance

Resource Outsourcing & Training Services

FTE (Full-time equivalent) | Contractor (Managed) | Remote / Virtual | Shared / On-Demand | CSR & Training Services

Value Proposition

Turnkey Wireless Networks Project Management
Rapid Wireless Deployments, Globally
Compliance & Industry Standards
Expert Support & Domain Expertise
Industry Experience
Permits & NOC’s
Permits & NOC’s
On-time Delivery & 100% Customer Satisfaction
Cost-effective: Mix of Locals & Expat Immigrants
Constant R&D on Emerging Technologies

Customer Benefits

Key Achievements & Stats

  • 2,650+ Wireless & Mobile Sites Provisioned
  • 900+ Skilled & Certified Resources 
  • 960 Sites including OD & IBS
  • 400+ Modernization Sites (U900 & L800)
  • 250+ Microwave LOS Surveys
  • 200+ Rollout Sites (3G / 4G / 5G)
  • 150+ DC Power System Installations (VERTIV & POWER ONE)
  • 100+ Relocation of Microwave links
  • 100+ tools and specialized equipment for wireless works
  • 80+ Microwave Sites
  • Hands-on expertise with Nokia, Huawei & Ericsson
  • Domain & Industry Expertise: 23 Countries, 40+ Years
  • 20+ Incumbent Telcos & ALT Operators

Awards, Standards and Compliance

  • NETS ensured multiple industry standards (ISO) and compliance
  • Wireless teams are trained & certified on Huawei, Nokia & Ericsson, PMP
  • Other certifications include: Basic Safety-First Aid (CPR), Firefighting
  • Certified for working at heights, rescue with Rope, Rigging & Lifting safety
  • H&S trainings and certification under NEBOSH certified EHS Professional
  • Also includes Certifications on Radio Frequency Trainings, Electrical Safety Trainings & Certifications, Defensive Driving, Medical Fitness
  • Mechanically Lifting & Hoisting
  • Authorized by most major regional authorities:
    • All AUH municipalities
    • CICPA/RTA authorized for onshore/offshore (UAE)
    • Al-Ain, Western Coastal Region & Offshore Islands
    • Authorized to execute projects in sensitive areas (UAE):
    • VVIP palaces, Defense jurisdictions, Govt buildings

NETS Wireless Access Network Partners





Middle East & Africa


Recent Projects

  • Du Huawei MBB OD & IBS projects doing wireless rollouts and 3G / 4G / 5G site modernization works (UAE)
  • Du Huawei MBB MW transmission sites and project across UAE, includes new links, migrations, link capacity upgradation & relocations (UAE)
  • Du Nokia Microwave transmission expansion project in Abu Dhabi region for new sites (UAE)
  • Du Nokia 4G network expansion and outdoor rollout sites in Abu Dhabi region (UAE)
  • 500+ new FTK-TI & DAS sites rollout for Etisalat IBS projects (UAE)
  • Large scale outdoor wireless access network project including Guest Wi-Fi Services for Blue Waters / Ain Dubai (UAE)
  • Multiple wireless projects with Etisalat including 46 GSM sites upgraded from Microwave to LTE/5G for Barsha Heights, Dubai (UAE)
  • Outdoor public Wi-Fi project for 192 locations across the province for PITB (PAK)
  • 3G Packet Core 10G upgradation and PDSN based network deployment using Cisco ASR5k for PTCL (PAK)
  • Wireless controllers and network access control identity appliances deployed for Fatima Group (PAK)

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