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Customer Background:

Etisalat is the largest telco provider in the GCC operating in 16 countries, serving 11.6 million customers and over 300,000 enterprises and government customers in the UAE.


Purpose was to deliver high speed GPON services to more than 90 high rise commercial and residential buildings. Due to the highly congested location, main challenge was to design civil network where approx. 10km excavation was required with landscaping and crossing busy asphalt roads. NETS International was chosen by Etisalat as the main partner to develop Network Infrastructure for both Civil and Fiber Cabling Project in one of the most prestigious communities in Dubai, The Barsha Heights, project value was AED 6m.


The project was undertaken by highly experienced and competent staff with vast experience in RTA and Etisalat GPON projects. Due to large scope, the area was divided into various phases in coordination with authorities such as RTA, DEWA, Empower, DU, Dubai Municipality. The project required multiple site surveys, precision planning, assessment and execution for successful completion. A total of 85km indoor vertical cabling works, 35km of outdoor Fiber Optic cabling with ISP/OSP was accomplished. More than 70 buildings, 8500 tenancies converted to GPON, 46 GSM sites upgraded from Microwave to LTE/5G.

Benefits and Outcomes

Customer mentioned below benefits were realized as part of this large-scale connectivity project:
⦁ Increased number of subscribers
⦁ Increased revenue
⦁ High speed internet
⦁ Increased customer satisfaction
⦁ High quality media services
⦁ Reliable phone service

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