The Ultimate Unified Infrastructure Observability Platform
NETS MonetX is a vendor-agnostic technology asset management and unified infrastructure observability platform that transforms your IT operations by integrating your Data Center, Cloud and hardware / software infrastructure technology stack, combines all meaningful information in one place in form of interactive dashboards.

MonetX Intro

⦁ All your infrastructure operations on your fingertips, unified in a single view
⦁ Interactive dashboards to view, manage and monitor all network devices
⦁ Fully customizable, flexible integrations with your existing tools and applications
⦁ Live monitoring of all assets, keep track of their status, health & performance 

Key Benefits of NETS MonetX

  • Vendor-agnostic, 20+ OEMs tested and certified
  • Exponential Time Savings: due to holistic visibility
  • Cost Savings: due to higher productivity & efficiency
  • Reduced Complexities: integration of siloes
  • No Learning Curve: simple intuitive user interface
  • Improved Visibility: better compliance
  • Proactive Alerts & Notifications: keeping you informed
  • Simplified Management: avoid managing multiple tools
  • Highly Secure: VAPT, SSL, ISO 2000 / ISO 27001
  • Trial / PoC: can be deployed with minimum efforts

MonetX Key Modules and Features

Unified Asset Management

  • Heart and Brain of MonetX
  •  Centralized Observability Screen
  •  Provides summary of critical network information in single visual
  •  Combines all devices information
  •  28+ vendors and OEMs supported
  •  Displays on single pane of glass
  •  Interactive dashboards

Infrastructure Observability

  •  Status, Health, Performance
  •  Heatmaps for Troubleshooting
  •  Manage & Monitors:
    • Physical & Virtual Servers, VPNs
    •  Storage, Routers, Switches, Firewalls
    •  Access Points & WLAN Controllers
    •  WAN Accelerators, Load Balancers
    •  Printers, Power Backups, UPS
    •  Software and Enterprise Applications

Data Center Capacity Management (DCCM)

  • Monitor ports status and availability in domain controller
  • Classify ports based on categories, speed, etc.
  • Space availability within racks, power supplies, etc.
  • Visualize all data and manage alert threshold

IP Address Management (IPAM)

  •  Displays total overall IPs
  •  Categorize IPs by device type or vendor
  •  Displays used, available IPs, Subnets, Ports, DNS
  •  Click on specific IPs for more details
  •  Multi-level Search option

Network Configuration Management

  • On demand Backup & Compare Backups
  •  Auto backup & alerts on new changes
  •  Configurations Trend Analysis
  •  Push Remote Commands

AI Support Chatbot – ADAM

  • On demand Backup & Compare Backups
  • Auto backup & alerts on new changes
  • Configurations Trend Analysis
  • Push Remote Commands

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